Thursday, 19 December 2013

How to Find OAF Page Function

1)Go to Page and click on about this page

2) copy page path  /xxx/oracle/apps/per/selfservice/appraisals/objectives/webui/ObjSettingPG

3)Click on pageContext Tab

4)click on Expand all
 then search /xxx/oracle/apps/per/selfservice/appraisals/objectives/webui/ObjSettingPG

5)Then you get function name under function column and page path under html call column


Sushil Jain said...

Hi Dilip,

Your articles are informative and very good in giving the basic understanding but however I am unable to get resolution for one issue with respect to Absence module of HRMS. I wish to get some help from you.

Issue description :

In XML document of hr_api_transactions the how these attributes

are derived.

I am trying to create absence functionality from back end which can trigger notification and perform similar way while working with EBS. I am getting lost with the above cdata parameter, when I open the notification it raises Null pointer Exception.

Please let me know what can I do to move this to resolution. please let me know if you need any further information.


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Wiliams Smith said...

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