Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Issue Running the OAF Page in Jdeveloper

Jdev version:

I have issue while running the OAF page in my local system. i am working through Client VPN and getting below error. i have tried all
possible workrounds as mentioned in previous forums.

Add timeout parameter in File - Gave 100
2. Using using of Default Local IP in TOOL> Preferences > Embedded OC4j
3. Assigning your IP in Specific Host option in TOOL> Preferences > Embedded OC4j -  Gave machine ip address
4. Checking correct version of the Jdev
4. Deleting the transaction.state File from "C:\Jdev9i\jdevhome\jdev\system9.\oc4jconfig\log" location and restart the jdev again. - Emptied the system folder
5. no spaces in path where Jdev is installed.
6. Setting up the Env variable i.e. Jdev home in local system in My computer >properties >Advanced - JDEV_USER_HOME

I'm unable to find the below in Jdev.

Right click on .jpr in your Jdeveloper, go to project settings>
Configurations> Development> Runner
Under "Java Options" field delete parameters which has CACHE in it's name. They are


Check Embeded OC4J Port is opened or not for your Machine IP.
if not please check with network Admin.

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