Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Subtabs in OAF page

Sub tabs in Employee Search Page Result for Seperating Employee Data and Manager Data

Step 1: Create a pageLayout region as you normally would.
        In my case Page EmployeeSearchPG Page is already Created.

Step 2: Select the pageLayout region in the JDeveloper Structure pane, right-click and select New > Region.
        Name your new region in accordance with the OA Framework File naming standards, and set its
        Style property to subTabLayout i.e EmplyeeTabLayoutRN
Step 3: Add two container regions to your subTabLayout region(EmplyeeTabLayoutRN).

step 4: Add View Object(Table) EmployeeSummaryVO1,ManagerVO in  EmpDataRN,ManagerDataRN
            Resion using Wizard Respectively.

Step 5:  Select the subTabLayout region(EmplyeeTabLayoutRN), right-click and select New > SubTabs.
             JDeveloper creates a  subTabs named child.

Step 6:Select the subTabs named child, right-click and select New > SubTabBar.

Step 7: Select the subTabBar region, right-click and select New > Link. Set the link's Text property to
            the label  that you want to display in the subtab. Repeat for each subtab content region that
            you created in Step
         Item Style :Link
         Destination URI="OA.jsp?page=OA.jsp?page=/oracle/apps/fnd/framework/toolbox/labsolutions 
          /webui/EmpSearchPG&retainAM=Y&addBreadCrumb=Y&" + 
         OASubTabLayoutBean.OA_SELECTED_SUBTAB_IDX + "=" + 0
         Text:Emplyee Date


         Item Style :Link
         Destination URI="OA.jsp?page=OA.jsp?page=/oracle/apps/fnd/framework/toolbox/labsolutions
         /webui/EmpSearchPG&retainAM=Y&addBreadCrumb=Y&" +
         OASubTabLayoutBean.OA_SELECTED_SUBTAB_IDX + "=" + 1

       Component Structure In jdevloper :
               Employee Search Page with Sub Tabs:


CG said...

is it possible in Oracle 12 to have the tabs at the foot page as in Oracle 11 ?


Anonymous said...

Hi Dilip,
I have an issue trying to implement subtabs per your post. I have a query page(autoCustomizationCriteria) and results table. When I try to create a "region using wizard" under query region, it doesn't list subTabLayout in its options. If I do it manually, its working but the query criteria is working for highlited tab only. the other tabs are displaying all the data.

please advice, if you can.

Unknown said...

Hi Dilip,
I have a problem the search criteria will remain the same for all the tabs. That is in your scenario the employee data and manager data can be searched by employee number that is inputted by user can you help on this problem.

Thank you

Dibyendra Purkait said...

This is help full but pleases help me in the scenario that i have posted