Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Deploying Your ViewObject Extensions

Deploying Your ViewObject Extensions

Step 1:  Compile your Java in JDeveloper and copy ur .xml and .class files to Server

           <$JAVA_TOP>/<CompanyIdentifier>/oracle/apps/<AppsProductShortName>/server (BC4J files)
           so, if you extend a "so" view object, and your company's name is "xyz," a subclass of the Ordervompl
             view object would be in the following directory:
            Set the permissions on $JAVA_TOP/

Step 2:  Copy the .jpx definition file to the Top. 
             In my case I have creataed JpxFile Folder on JAVA_TOP  and Copied my .jpx file there .jpx file, 
             which should be located under <JDEV_USER_HOME>\myprojects, to the following   staging area:


Step 3:  Run the jpx import utility from JAVA_TOP to import substitutions specified in the .jpx definition
             file to the MDS repository.
             The import utility, jpximport.bat or the jpximport shell script. You run this utility from the command 
             line  by specifying:
             A. The database credentials of the MDS repository on your target instance
             B. The fully-qualified location of your .jpx file, which should be located under

           Using the example on substituting the OrderVo view object from  Order.jpx, your command line
            would look something like the following:

            java oracle.jrad.tools.xml.importer.JPXImporter $JAVA_TOP/xyz/jpxFiles/Order.jpx \
           -username <apps username> \
           -password <apps password> \
          -dbconnection "(description=(address_list=(address=(community=tcp.world)(protocol=tcp) 
           (host=<Host Name>)        (port=<PortNumber>)))(connect_data=(sid=<SID Name>)))"

Step 4: Bounce the web server

step  5: Do Personalization If Required

Step 6: Review your deployed extensions

  At this point the deployment of your extension is complete, and you should be able to login to your  
  application to verify that your changes have successfully taken effect.
  You can check you Extension Using JDR_util Package



shweta vibhute said...

Extremely useful article.. Dilip!!!

thanks a lot.

Unknown said...

Excellent article !!
I am trying to extend a VO in employee self service. VO is not attached to EO.
After I extended it, do I need to attach it to its parent AM too?