Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Create Data Entry Page In ADF

1.Create New Application

  1.Application Name:EmployeeForm
  2.Application Package Prefix:dilip.oracle.adf.empform

 2.Create ADF Business Component(Enity Object,ViewObject,Application Module)

  1.Entity Object:



   Schema Object :Employees




  Enable Create Method and Remove Method


 Check Generate Default View Object CheckBox




  Check Application Module CheckBox

  3.Application Module:





6. Create Search Page

Right Click on ViewController -> New -> Web Tier->JSF/Facelet->Page

File Name – Employee

Initial Page Layout and Content – Quick Start Layout

Click on Browse and select One Column Stretched and check Apply Theme


7.Expand Page Implementation and Select Automatically Expose UI Components in a New Managed Bean

8.Drag Decorative Box in Jsf page

9.Select EmployeeVO and Expand the Data Control panel and Drag and drop the EmployeesVO1 to the   page Choose Query -> ADF

Form Panel as shown in Slide. 

10.Add Commit and Create Operations in Page

Select DataControls -> DataEntryAMDataControl -> Operations

Drag Commit Operation in page

Similarly Select DataControls > DataEntryAMDataControl > EmployeesVO1 > Operations

Drag Create Operation in page

11.Drag ADF button to Page(Create and Commit)



12.Select Commit button and make field Disabled properties to NULL.

13. See EmployeeEntry Page Below.


 14.New Record in Database


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