Monday, 5 August 2013

Search Page in ADF

You can create search page that allow users to enter search criteria into input fields for known attributes of an object.The search criteria can be entered via input text fields or selected from a list of values in a popup list picker or dropdown list box. The entered criteria is constructed into a query to be executed. Named bind variables can be used to supply attribute values during runtime for the query. The results of the query can be displayed as a table, a form, or another UI component as per need.

Search page are based either on view criteria defined in view objects or on implicit view criteria defined by JDeveloper. Search pages are region-based components that are reusable and personalizable. They encapsulate and automate many of the actions and iterator management operations required to perform a query.
 You can create several search forms on the same page without any need to change.

1.Create New Application

  1.Application Name:EmployeeSearch
  2.Application Package




 2.Create ADF Business Component(Enity Object,ViewObject,Application Module)

  1.Entity Object:
   Schema Object :Employees


  Enable Create Method and Remove Method
 Check Generate Default View Object CheckBox


  Check Application Module CheckBox
  3.Application Module:


3.Define Bind Variable:

   Double Click on EmployeeVO in Model  go to query page

   Expand the Bind variable accordion and click on Green button

   Bind Variable name and type as following make sure required check box is un-checked

   Name – empno

   Type -- Number



4. Create Named View Criteria

 Double Click on EmployeeVO in Model  go to query page. Expand the View Criteria accordion
  and  click on Green button

View Criteria is actually conditions on VOs which you usually define decoratively

     1.Expand the View Critieria Section in EmployeeVO page and click the Green plus sign

     2.Give a proper name to your View Criteria

       Criteria Name -> EmployeesVOCriteria

     3.Click on Add Item  Click the ( ) group press Add item and select values as sown in slide make sure
       you have selected the   bind    variable empno

          Attribute – Employee_id

          Operator – Equals

          Operand – Bind Variable

          Parameter – empno

          Un-check Ignore Case and Check Ignore Null Values

6. Create Search Page

Right Click on ViewController -> New -> Web Tier->JSF/Facelet->Page

File Name – EmpSearch

Initial Page Layout and Content – Quick Start Layout

Click on Browse and select One Column Stretched and check Apply Theme


7.Expand Page Implementation and Select Automatically Expose UI Components in a New Managed Bean

Select EmployeeVO and Expand the Data Control panel and Drag and drop the Named View Critieria “EmployeesVOCriteria” to the page Choose Query -> ADF Query Panel with Table as shown in Slide.

8.Change Search Header from "EmployeeEO" to Employee Search
   Change Text Property Search Employee.Also see resulted Search Page.

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