Sunday, 4 August 2013

E-Business Suite Application Development using OAF and ADF


OAF means OAF R12 (OAF packaged with E-Business Suite R12) and ADF means ADF 10g or 11g.

OAF is a model-view-controller technology  is fully oriented towards EBusiness
Suite application development.  OAF  is comprised of underlying technologies like UIX and BC4J, that respectively form the core of the view and model layers. It includes Application Object Library (AOL) that provides common E-Business Suite artifacts such as menus, functions, messages, profiles,flexfields and attachments, and common services like function and data security. MDS is used for metadata management.

                                                               Fig: OAF Architecture

ADF is a comprehensive, model-view-controller technology stack that is oriented
towards general-purpose application development.ADF allows users to select among several choices of UI and business services technologies (ADF Faces,ADF model, ADF BC,JSF,JSPX).

Fig:ADF Architecture 

Recommendation of  OAF and ADF.

 1. If you want to integrate your extensions tightly with the E-Business Suite,you should use the OAF
     Release 12 technology which includes the use of JDeveloper 10g.

2. If you are building a separate application that does not integrate tightly with the E-Business Suite, but
    needs E-Business Suite-specific capabilities like Flexfields and personalization, you should use the OAF
    Release 12 technology. If your application does not need to integrate with the E-Business Suite, or
    doesn't require any of the E-Business Suite-specific capabilities like AOL, you should use 
    ADF 10g with SOA based integration with E-Business Suite.

3. If you are building a separate application that does not need to integrate at all with the E-Business Suite,
    and you need an AJAX-style rich client user interface, you should use ADF 11g.


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